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I’m Sova

This is me, and this is my life, my own life, my own story, my everything. This is a post, a very nice written, nothing wrong in this post, the language is perfect and everything is so perfect.

Well this is just my life, you better not ask..

note: lol I have no idea why this stupid thing filling my head tonight. see ya.. 😀


Warning:Overload, Warning:Overload



For the last week or so I have been working on a pretty significant software development project for the future. It didn’t start out that complicated – what it’s doing isn’t that complicated, but what you can do with it is complicated, and it’s doing my head in.


I can’t explain exactly what I’m building (it’s all top secret), but I suppose an analogy might go some way towards helping you understanding my plight – and then feeling sorry for me.

The analogy

  • Imagine a set of magic dominoes.
  • Imagine you can make the dominoes listen to each other, so perhaps when one falls over, other related ones fall over too.
  • Imagine that standing a domino back up causes a different set of related dominoes to stand back up too.
  • Now try and make a domino topple out of them all, and verify that exactly what should have happened did happen.
  • Just for fun, let the domino topple go in multiple directions at once, and verify that it’s all behaving.

I had one small bug in the code this morning – something I forgot to implement – and the whole thing ground to a halt for 2 hours while I pulled most of my hair out, kicked the desk, and stared incredulously at my own code.

My mood this morning could therefore be described thusly;

  • 9:00am – I hate computers
  • 10:00am – Oh god, what have I built
  • 11:00am – It’s going to be the death of me
  • 12:00am – YAY! I win, I rule, I am the master of all I survey

This kind of grandstanding is pretty common when I solve something complicated… usually punctuated with kicking myself away from my desk on my office chair, fists in the air, doing a mini celebration.

This morning the girl opposite nearly spat her tea out laughing at me, lol just imagine. Actually she laughed at me when she knew what I hate.. 😦

Errr dasar anak buah yang tidak berbakti, kerja lom lama dah mita naek jabatab jadi nyoya, lol I’m sory guys. Seems like I’m out of topic..

Teknik Kompilasi vs Gotta Get a New Spirit

One new message on your inbox!

Allert dari microsoft outlook begitu nyalain laptop kesayangan, sahabat sejati, hehehe.. 😀

Hi Sofa

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Setelah seharian badmood gara-gara nilai akhir bener-bener gak seperti bayangan, parah banget dah, masak 3 semester berturut-turut dapet D+ mulu gara-gara dapet dosen yang sama, you know who lah pokoknya yang pernah ngrasain kuliah di ilkom, akhirnya bisa lumayan senyum lagi setelah baca email dari Concordia Unversity. Isinya ngingetin lagi kalo contest Summer School di Montreal, Canada bakalan berakhir seminggu lagi. Jadi semangat lagi, semoga bisa berjalan dengan lancar dan akhir juni bisa kesampekan jelajahin negara orang nun jauh disana.. +___+

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Hello world! version 1.1

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Yeah, this is the original post made by wordpress, LMAO people usually delete or edit this post, but aint do this. Lol, you know what?? yeah, this is me,,

I’m start to think, I should be different from other people, try to make something unique. I wanna be an extraordinary people. When I meet someone, I’ll say “Yeah, this is me…“.