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Joy, Laughter, and Peacefull

I don’t know how I started to think about it, but I know one thing, It’s about friendship. I miss every single moment in my high school. Everyday everywhere and everything is all about friends. I miss you guys..


When Every Breath is a Love Note

Love is a drug, a damn good drug but a drug none the less. Ever users a junkie, and no matter how long you’ve been clean you’re a junkie, an addict, until the day you die. Life is hollow, boring, empty, it’s a waste if you’ve never known love, it’s not life, it’s just a pale cold pantomime of life, motions and shadows but nothing more. Or, or you say ‘fuck it’ you tap the vein, you hit the plunger you get your first taste and your hooked for life. That’s what love is, it a full on cerebral assault, the delivery system may change but that’s not what they’re chasing.

Most days I do think about her, sometimes more than others, the thoughts never stray too far though. She’s different now, who she is today is so far from who she is to me. We wouldn’t recognize one another but for the social obligation to do so. She’s become a waking dream I visit in the in between hours, a place I can go to to hide. A place where all of my petty fears and issues don’t matter, a place where making one another happy, just because you were together was all that mattered. A place without expectations, without time, without death, without betrayal, a place, a place where love is enough, and everything else falls into it’s place along the wayside.

That’s the place where I see here now, in a place where I can protect her from all the worlds horrors, protect her from all my horrors. I know this, this love, I feel it in every bone of my body, proclaim it with every breath I take, and every night when I close my eyes I can find that place, I can forget about how far I’ve gone from that place, from that person. I… I never intended to fall in the first place, it wan’t the plan. It’s never the plan. You fall in love young, you never fall out of it, even when your stories over, when the love story has run it’s course you’ll always know exactly the page you’ll open it to, the passage you’ll read again and again. I’m utterly, madly in love, beyond reason,  beyond any rational justification I am. I am completely and utterly in love…with no one, or maybe with everyone, maybe they’re the same difference really. My life is becoming one long, wonderful love letter written to a beautiful dream I seem to keep having.

I know the story, I just keep walking through life, hands in my pockets, kicking pebbles down the road looking for the story to start, and it just never seems to. Any port in a storm right? Well some nights I could swear I was drowning.

Every great story is about Love, Love of one thing or another. Love of a person, love of one’s self, love of an ideal. Love is the first and only thing that can bring a man, or push a man, or allow a man to do anything of wonder or brilliance. Every word I’ve ever written has been scratched or typed with her face in my mind, every line written for her to read, dictated in my mind even in her voice. Love…the most wonderful torture, the most nightmarish ecstasy, the guiding light and engulfing shadows of life itself. The only thing that makes living worth the effort. Gotta love it

Until Next Time Kiddies

Delphi 2010 for Windows 7

I do love windows 7, but it almost like pain in the ass when I cant use my Delphi, lol its the old version. My friend told me to use Delphi 2010, this version is released by Embarcadero.

This is the best Delphi GUI I ever ran in my laptop. I took a few screenshoots, here they are..

Internet Browser ModeInternet Browser Mode

Starter ScreenStarter Screen


Opening Project

Opening Project

Do’a di Pagi Hari

Ya Allah, di pagi yang indah ini hamba ingin berucap syukur atas segala karunia dan rezeki yang telah Engkau limpahkan. Laju darah, hembusan nafas, semerbak aroma rumput di pagi hari, kicauan burung, serta indahnya puncak Gunung Semeru di depan mata, Alhamdulillah segala puji hanyalah milik-Mu.

Sedikit celoteh di pagi hari, haha rasa-rasanya gw sudah lama tidak menjadi manusia normal seperti biasanya, mungkin memang akhir-akhir ini terlalu sibuk mencari kesibukan. Seperti yang gw tulis di awal, rasanya hari gw bangun dengan senyum dan merasa bahagia, wooow something wrong kah pada otak gw?? Lol, who knows..

Pagi-pagi jalan dengan santainya mau jemput si Vega di bengkel, ketemu dengan beberapa bocah ingusan dengan seragam putih-biru ala SMP, ada yang sibuk nyembuyiin rokok ditangan, ada yang ngitung recehan. Jedhaaar…, seperti kilat masuk ni telinga, bocah dengan body agak gede nyeletuk gn, “kumpulin semua duit, eh Udin beliin 2 botol, kita tungguin belakang pos, cepet!!”. Errrr rasanya pengen marahin tu bocah2, pagi2 dah bolos malah mw mabok di belakang pos, Hemmm…

Do'a Pagi dan Petang

Terimakasih Yaa Allah, Engkau telah memberi jalan bagi hamba. Dua hal yang belum pernah hamba lakukan, semoga Engkau menjaga hamba dari kedua hal tersebut, dan lindungilah hamba dari apa-apa yang pernah hamba lakukan di masa lalu…

Warning:Overload, Warning:Overload



For the last week or so I have been working on a pretty significant software development project for the future. It didn’t start out that complicated – what it’s doing isn’t that complicated, but what you can do with it is complicated, and it’s doing my head in.


I can’t explain exactly what I’m building (it’s all top secret), but I suppose an analogy might go some way towards helping you understanding my plight – and then feeling sorry for me.

The analogy

  • Imagine a set of magic dominoes.
  • Imagine you can make the dominoes listen to each other, so perhaps when one falls over, other related ones fall over too.
  • Imagine that standing a domino back up causes a different set of related dominoes to stand back up too.
  • Now try and make a domino topple out of them all, and verify that exactly what should have happened did happen.
  • Just for fun, let the domino topple go in multiple directions at once, and verify that it’s all behaving.

I had one small bug in the code this morning – something I forgot to implement – and the whole thing ground to a halt for 2 hours while I pulled most of my hair out, kicked the desk, and stared incredulously at my own code.

My mood this morning could therefore be described thusly;

  • 9:00am – I hate computers
  • 10:00am – Oh god, what have I built
  • 11:00am – It’s going to be the death of me
  • 12:00am – YAY! I win, I rule, I am the master of all I survey

This kind of grandstanding is pretty common when I solve something complicated… usually punctuated with kicking myself away from my desk on my office chair, fists in the air, doing a mini celebration.

This morning the girl opposite nearly spat her tea out laughing at me, lol just imagine. Actually she laughed at me when she knew what I hate.. 😦

Errr dasar anak buah yang tidak berbakti, kerja lom lama dah mita naek jabatab jadi nyoya, lol I’m sory guys. Seems like I’m out of topic..

Teknik Kompilasi vs Gotta Get a New Spirit

One new message on your inbox!

Allert dari microsoft outlook begitu nyalain laptop kesayangan, sahabat sejati, hehehe.. 😀

Hi Sofa

One week ago, you entered our La Joie De Montreal International Summer School Contest! We’re checking in to remind you to keep promoting your profile and encouraging your friends and family to vote for you. Each ‘like’ your profile receives increases your chances of winning a fully paid scholarship to attend summer school at Concordia University…




Setelah seharian badmood gara-gara nilai akhir bener-bener gak seperti bayangan, parah banget dah, masak 3 semester berturut-turut dapet D+ mulu gara-gara dapet dosen yang sama, you know who lah pokoknya yang pernah ngrasain kuliah di ilkom, akhirnya bisa lumayan senyum lagi setelah baca email dari Concordia Unversity. Isinya ngingetin lagi kalo contest Summer School di Montreal, Canada bakalan berakhir seminggu lagi. Jadi semangat lagi, semoga bisa berjalan dengan lancar dan akhir juni bisa kesampekan jelajahin negara orang nun jauh disana.. +___+

Please vote me here .

Dream Summer in Montréal, Canada

I have entered Concordia University’s “La Joie de Montréal” contest in hopes of winning a fully paid scholarship to attend summer school in Montréal.

An additional ballot will be entered into the prize draw each time my profile receives a vote. Please vote for me!

Why I Deserve to Win

Sofa Zainuddin

Sofa Zainuddin

Hi all, my name is Sofa Zainuddin. My hoby is writing and bloging. I’m a student at Brawijaya University, my concern is Computer Science. I’m active in both, academic and student association activities. I always interest with programing language and web development. Besides, I’m a vice president at Opera Campus Crew from Opera Software, Norway. Sometimes, I spare my time with work, I’m a freelancer at some industries as a sales promotion boy.

I love to interact with many people. I always interest both of social and cultural and also histories. I have many friends from Canada and America, I meet them at an online game, Ranarok. I always wanted to see them.

I hope, with this scholarship, I’ll get every single dream that I was wrote down on my old paper when I was 7 years old,LOL. I’ll do everything to get my dreams, to reach my future. That’s why I deserve to win this scholarship.I always thought someday I’d be great.
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