Don’t Talk About Love to Me!!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Guys are hurriedly browsing online (I mean, hello, its the 21st century) for an expensive – but not too expensive, mind you – piece of heart-shaped jewelry that will please their female counterparts so that they can celebrate their love for one another on this fine day.

Ah, Love. Such a broad topic.

I mean, not that I know anything about it, really. In the twenty years of my existence on this planet Earth, I’ve experienced love…but not love love. I don’t think anyone’s experienced that kind of passion when they’re so young, at least not until they’re twenty or so. Unless your name is Romeo Montague or Juliet Capulet, that kind of affection just isn’t possible when you haven’t even learned basic Calculus yet. And still, look how the ending of Romeo and Juliet turned out!

Many teens in high school, and nowadays, even middle school, are claiming to be wise in the subject matter. After dating for only two days, Facebook status’s are updated regularly about how much “he means the world to me,” or maybe “I’d catch a grenade for you, honey.”

WHAT. Are you kidding me. Okay, first of all, gross. Not when its all over my Newsfeed. Second of all, after only two days, how can you judge your feelings for someone just like that? Especially if you only just met them. That’s not really love, that’s just the hormones speaking.

I mean, maybe I’m wrong, and you can tell me off if I am. But seriously. You guys are FIFTEEN. What do you know about love? Not very much. And it makes it even more awkward by saying that he or she is the One, and then breaking up a week later.

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