Dream Summer in Montréal, Canada

I have entered Concordia University’s “La Joie de Montréal” contest in hopes of winning a fully paid scholarship to attend summer school in Montréal.

An additional ballot will be entered into the prize draw each time my profile receives a vote. Please vote for me!

Why I Deserve to Win

Sofa Zainuddin

Sofa Zainuddin

Hi all, my name is Sofa Zainuddin. My hoby is writing and bloging. I’m a student at Brawijaya University, my concern is Computer Science. I’m active in both, academic and student association activities. I always interest with programing language and web development. Besides, I’m a vice president at Opera Campus Crew from Opera Software, Norway. Sometimes, I spare my time with work, I’m a freelancer at some industries as a sales promotion boy.

I love to interact with many people. I always interest both of social and cultural and also histories. I have many friends from Canada and America, I meet them at an online game, Ranarok. I always wanted to see them.

I hope, with this scholarship, I’ll get every single dream that I was wrote down on my old paper when I was 7 years old,LOL. I’ll do everything to get my dreams, to reach my future. That’s why I deserve to win this scholarship.I always thought someday I’d be great.
My Course Choices

  • Human Resources Practices: The Fundamentals (SEL 154)
  • Marketing Practices: The Fundamentals (SEL 157)
  • English Intensive Program
  • Certificate Program in Photoshop

My Entertainment Choices

  • Grand Prix (June 9 – 13)
  • Just for Laughs festival (July 7 – 18)
  • International Festival of Jazz (June 28 – July 9)
  • The Loto-Québec World Choral Festival (June 17 – July 3)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • Montréal International Tango Festival (July 5 – 10)
  • Heavy MTL (July 23 – 24)
  • International African Nights Festival (July)
  • Montréal International Festival of Art (July)
  • Montréal Pride Celebrations (August 9 – 14)
  • St Jean sur Richelieu Hot Air Balloon Festival (August 14 – 22)
  • Montréal International Festiblues Festival (August)

My Current University: Brawijaya University
My Country: Indonesia

Please vote me at http://joiedemontreal.ca/profile/5630/sofa-zainuddin

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